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United States Commodity Index Fund


The United States Commodity Index Fund® ("USCI") is an exchange-traded security that is designed to track, in percentage terms, the price movements of the SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity Index Total Return℠. USCI issues shares that may be purchased and sold on the NYSE Arca.

The SummerHaven Dynamic Commodity Index Total Return℠ (SDCITR) is an index designed to reflect the performance of a portfolio of 14 commodity futures. The index is reformulated each month from 27 possible futures contracts. The 14 selected contracts are equally weighted and represent six sectors: Energy (WTI crude oil, Brent crude oil, natural gas, heating oil, gasoil), Precious Metals (gold, silver, platinum), Industrial Metals (aluminum, copper, lead, nickel, tin, zinc), Grains (corn, soybeans, soybean meal, soybean oil, wheat), Livestock (live cattle, feeder cattle, lean hogs) and Softs (coffee, cocoa, cotton and sugar).

The SDCITR uses market price signals, including backwardation and 12 month price change, as part of its rules-based selection method. USCI is rebalanced monthly to reflect these changes to the index.

USCI's Portfolio

The portfolio consists of listed futures contracts and other commodity-related investments and may consist of forwards and swap contracts. These investments will be collateralized by cash, cash equivalents and US government obligations with remaining maturities of two years or less.

Below are the eligible commodities that may comprise the Index on a monthly basis:

Crude Oil (Brent)Crude Oil (WTI)Gasoil
Heating OilNatural GasUnleaded Gasoline
Feeder CattleLean HogsLive Cattle
Bean OilCornSoybeans
Soybean MealWheatAluminum

For the month of October, the Benchmark Component Futures Contracts are:

Unleaded Gasoline (RBOB) DEC16Feeder Cattle NOV16Lean Hogs DEC16
Live Cattle DEC16Soybean Oil MAR17Soybean Meal JAN17
Lead May17Tin JAN17Zinc APR17
Gold JUN17Silver DEC16Cocoa MAR17
Coffee MAR17Sugar (#11) MAY17

USCI's Key Features

  • USCI permits commodity exposure without using a commodity futures account.
  • USCI offers the convenience of an exchange-traded security (NYSE Arca).
  • USCI provides “equity-like” order flexibility, including market, limit, stop, stop limit and Good-Til-Cancelled (GTC) orders.
  • USCI provides Market Price, NAV and Portfolio Holdings on a daily basis.
Fund Details
Ticker USCI
Intraday Indicative Value USCI.IV
CUSIP 911717106
ISIN US9117171069
Minimum Trade 1 share
Marginable Yes
Options Traded No
Administrator Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.
Distributor ALPS Distributors, Inc.
Sponsor United States Commodity Funds, LLC
Management Fee10.80%
Trading Increment $0.01

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As of 06/30/2016, United States Commodity Index ETF was rated 5 stars out of 129 U.S. based Commodities Broad Basket ETFs and open-end funds for the overall, 5 stars out of 129 for the 3-year periods and 5 stars out of 84 for the 5-year periods.

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